Thursday, August 29, 2013

When Good Craft Supplies Go Bad

When Good Craft Supplies Go Bad

Getting four kids to school every morning is pretty much like wrangling Monkeys at the circus. Once all the monkeys were corralled and off to school to get some learnin' I started the rest of the day by getting all my chores for the day. Why? Well duh, so I could craft!!!!

After using my gun for , oh I don't know perhaps 150 million years, it has turned on me.

Oh of course high temp glue guns are hot and I have had a moment of jumping around after getting a tiny bit on me but this one was a doozie. We are talking I immediately thought of those poor people in Pompei.

The molten lava (aka high temp melted glue)  FLOWED!

The gun decided to send the glue out the back end rather than the front end. The glue flowed out over the edge of the gun where it feeds into the gun toward my right hand and dripped onto my pants. Of course I have "Mom mentality" and what is a Mom's reaction to an impending mess or danger? Cut it off/ catch it/ prevent disaster. So I reached over with my left hand and of course tried to catch the lava burning hot melted glue. The second I did it I knew I shouldn't have. I could see the scene as if I was standing beside myself and could do nothing but watch the train wreck happen.

The glue ran between my middle and ring finger tips. The glue coated my fingertips and ran down the side and underneath of my nails. I dropped the gun on the floor. Jumped up, started taking deep breaths and thought if I can wait until it cools I can just peel it off. I counted to myself in an attempt to try to make this work. I made it to 20...... During the counting, I found myself in a "cuss storm" saying made up words in some language that I am sure others would say is speaking in tongues.
Natural childbirth was easier. NUFF SAID!

To make things worse, I pulled the largest drop of glue from the side of my ring finger, which had already blistered, and yanked off a huge deep chunk of flesh. DO NOT DO THIS! I am now open to infection as most burns are however I doubled the chances by exposing the injured flesh under the blister.  I will spare you a photo of my finger. Our youngest child can't bare to see it. Uh huh, it's u.g.l.y.

TIP: ALWAYS keep a bowl of ice water nearby when using a high temp glue gun. Immediately dip the injured area into the water WITHOUT trying to remove the glue or waiting for it to cool before dipping. Seriously, just take the plunge, get it in the cold water. The ice water helps cool the glue and helps to try and reduce the burning. You ARE going to still be burned but it won't be as bad as what this dumb girl did.

So when good craft supplies go bad be prepared.
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 Want to see what I was working on before I injured myself? Well stay tuned and safe my friends.