Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Coming Up Roses

Coming Up Roses

Our oldest daughter, Hannah, is running through all of the Disney Princesses for her birthday party themes (and Halloween costumes). This year she chose Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The dark haired, dark eyed, intelligent beauty. Just like our Hannah. Sorry for the blurry picture.

 Her birthday falls in May the last week of school and usually on or near Memorial day. So the word hectic,  usually is an understatement that week, oh and Mommy gets to make a birthday cake on top of that?!?!?! GREAT! (SARCASM SARCASM SARCASM)

 So this year she chose Lemon cupcakes and a fancy dress/Belle princess party. I had to run with it and decided the rose from the movie would be perfect. Now, I am not a pro at making frosting roses.

~*~*~Train jumping the track here~*~*~
Do you call it icing or frosting? I use them both sometimes but mainly frosting....anyway back to the roses.

I decided that there must be a better way and I was not about to try and fit learning rose making into my schedule soooooo I simply chose to "fake it". 

Here is what you will need:
Lemon cake recipe or box mix whichever you like.
Basic buttercream 1 batch or your favorite store bought variety (warning though these roses need a stiffer frosting that most of those store bought varieties)

Strawberry Koolaid 1 package
Wilton #74 tip and coupler
Frosting bag

Mix and bake your cupcakes. Make your buttercream and then mix in half a package of the Strawberry Kool aid. YEP you read it right.
Kool aid in the frosting.
 I know you have seen the mix -in's that they are now selling in the cake decorating section of the store $1.05 each in my area stores) but seriously I have used Kool aid for a very long time and at ten cents a package Kool aid is cheaper, goes farther and actually tastes better!!!
Kool-Aid Strawberry Unsweetened (Pack of 96) 
Mix the buttercream and Kool aid straight out of the package. You don't need to add another single thing except a tiny bit of water if the frosting is too stiff, usually less than a tablespoon.
 It turns a beautiful bright pink without adding anything but the Kool aid. Flavor and color in one, LOVE KOOL AID!!!! 
Once mixed together if the frosting is too loose you can let is solidify in the fridge for a bit while your cupcakes cool. If the frosting is ready and your cupcakes are cool, well why are you standing there?  
Begin frosting! : )
 Be careful here. Make sure that the cupcakes are cool or your frosting will go to a big melty (uh huh melty is too a word) pink mess. Then when ready to frost put the tip and frosting in the bag and here we go.....

Start at the edge and allow the frosting to "ruffle" as you move slowly around the outside edge of the cupcake and then start moving inwards until you reach the center. Then move toward the second ring/ inner ring of the petals and start frosting in a circle again working toward the center until you reach the center and you can release pressure and allow the frosting to lay downward instead of creating a point like an ice cream cone.

TIP: The frosting tip has one side that is more jagged than the other. Keep the deep jagged side of the tip to the outside of the cupcake. To "ruffle" don't move so quickly and allow the frosting to "ruffle" or sort of pile up against itself, as you move around the cake. The ruffling and the deeply jagged edge of the tip allow for a little more natural like a wild rose would look. I played with the frosting a little on a piece of plastic wrap first. That way I could simply scrap the frosting off and put it right into the bag and use it or eat it myself.... whichever.

Store these lemony strawberry confections under plastic wrap for about 3 days without refrigeration or as long as it takes for the kids to find them in your house.
These are so yummy and easy and fast to make that they will leave you smelling like a rose. ;  )

Thanks for stopping by... y'all come back and see me now, ya hear? 

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