Friday, January 11, 2013

New year, new goals and lingering colds--ahh January

New year, new goals and lingering colds--ahh January

It has been awhile since I wrote anything and I am not sure why...OH yeah, I just remembered, it is because the holidays are crazy busy and then we all started coming down with a really bad cold. The name cold doesn't seem to hold as much ferocity as this virus had but short of having the flu it was no fun..... I am now two weeks into it and still not back to normal. Virus' are not my friend, the cold medicine makes me loopy and harder to think. I snore when I have a cold and that makes my hubby unable to sleep. Then he says I am a lumberjack and no girls wants to be called a lumberjack. So after i take a much deserved swing at his head with my pillow I venture out to face a new year.

I have a new goal for this year. 
I want to learn to crochet. I found several great tutorials on U -tube. Now I don't really care for U-tube but if the source of the video is a legitimate one the videos are usually safe.

Pinterest has a vast amount of sources to choose from as well and plenty of free patterns to boot. 

I found this website Annie's Catalog and have really liked it so far.  I have been using it to practice the different stitches before I take on a pattern. 
The site has crochet, knitting, needlework and beading. All dying arts in my mind as people are too busy with an electronic this or that, or just trying to survive the current economy. 

The hardest part of learning about crochet so far is the patterns.  The code alone should require a degree in ancient languages. : ) 

Do you have any tips on learning these abbreviations? Please tell me it will come with time.

Here are a few fun pictures of projects I have found and will eventually be working on. 

Dish clothes- I can never find dish clothes I like. They are always strange colors. Now I can make my own.

How to crochet cotton washcloths...easy!
Fun hats for the kids before they are "too old" to have silly fun.
moose hat crochet pattern
aviator hat pattern. $4.
Scarves for the niece who is incredibly hard to shop for.
My Merry Messy Life: Crochet Swirly Scarf - Free Pattern
For my sister who has an owl fetish : )
Crochet Owl Pattern...

and who doesn't need these?
Who doesn't need a #crochet mustache?
Love this cardigan since I am ALWAYS FREEZING
Relaxed Cardi Crochet Pattern
And then once I have mastered all that is crochet I will make this and wear it as queen of crochet.
King's Crown Crochet Pattern « The Yarn Box The Yarn Box
Ok maybe not but the possibilities are exciting!


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