Thursday, April 4, 2013

SOOOOO What now?

SOOOO what now?

I had weeks, literally weeks of blogs typed, photos composed, arranged, edited and uploaded and all of my posts were set to be automatically delivered via this lovely BLOGGER schedule option. Yep seasonal fun galore. Did they post? NOPE, NADA, NICHE, NILCH. They did not.

Upon finding this out this morning, this is the face I made  Original Grumpy Cat Ok maybe not but it was really close. This is Grumpy Cat and if you want more grumpy looks and silly comments please visit his site.

So do I go ahead and release these posts from their purgatory and publish them as I had originally intended them to be released. OR do I just start over and wait until Valentines, Easter, St. Patricks day, Spring Break etc.... all roll back around and publish them at that time?

What do you think?

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