Thursday, February 23, 2012


In November 2011 I gave the girls in our family all Glitter toes. A little sparkle for their piggies to kick off the holiday season. 
In preparation of the event we went and got super fine glitter in gorgeous jewel tones. 
Blues, Greens, Reds, Gold and Silver.
After application we stashed the super fine glitter away in my makeup bag for safe keeping.
My husband and I have two very curious little girls.  They FOUND the glitter and proceeded to open the blue super fine glitter and dump a portion of it into my makeup bag. Ok, so a "portion" of glitter no matter how large or small is really like a huge enormous amount. 
Now on a pretty consistent basis you will see me with a certain bounce in my step and "sparkle".
Did ya know glitter embeds itself into your hair? Well it does. Glitter in makeup bag, brush in makeup bag ='s glitterfied hair. Ppppshaw, glitterfied, is so a word.

So I looked up the best ways to clean up spilled glitter. Most sites suggested a vacuum, others a static microfiber cloth and others a piece of tape. SIGH I honestly can say I have tried them all. I cleaned it all out of my bag (well to the best of a humans ability anyway) and wiped everything down but it is now February 2012 and I am still lightly sparkly from time to time. 
As my life tends to never be dull now my hair, clothing and makeup are not either. I love my girls....

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