Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunken bathtub, No bathroom door, Carpet in the bathroom and Wallpaper, OH MY!!!!

Yep, I betcha guessed it. We got our house. We closed January 24th and I have been a crazy person trying to get all the boxes unpacked and put away and the house cleaned ever since. 

The house is great, we know exactly how blessed we are  to have it but not sure what we did to be so blessed. So we are going to really work hard to be deserving.

With that being said there are a few minor things that are driving me crazy. 

A little back story would be appropriate here:
The house was built in 1981 by a couple who really thought the house out (see, I told you we are seriously blessed). The closets are big and well planned out. The rooms are a great size and well placed. The kitchen has a ton of storage and work space. Storage was a huge priority to the builders and I am really liking that.
The house we lived in before had really strongly adhered wallpaper(also known as contact paper/self adhesive shelf liner used as wall paper) in two rooms. I was pretty sure that wallpaper was going to be the death of me by the time I got it and the 80 tons of wallpaper glue off the walls.  So after that, I have a serious HATE of wallpaper. Serious! I turn my head and won't even acknowledge that aisle at home improvement stores.

Now with that in mind.
Our new house has carpet in both bathrooms. The carpet is in good shape and is really nice and cushy on the piggies (aka toes). Perhaps in 1981 water and carpet were not sworn enemies.... ok that is all I am going to say about that. : )

There is a sunken bathtub in the master bath. I can see into the future. Perhaps you didn't know this about me. I am clairvoyant in a sense that I can see myself falling backward into the tub as I vacuum the carpet in the bathroom. Oops, I wasn't going to mention that carpet again.
There is also no bathroom door in the master bath. You read that right. NO DOOR. The room has a huge open doorway and no door. Um, I guess it's just the way I was raised but I require a door. So in the middle of the night, I still tip toe across the house when nature calls... Why? because my husband is in the room, of course. There are some things couples just shouldn't share.

Then there is this horrid thing that really great nice kind wonderful people seem to do to perfectly nice homes. They put wallpaper in it. Poor houses. 
The wallpaper in the kitchen is in a tan, navy blue, teal and burgundy  floral color scheme.  Sound pretty? Well, you need to have your hearing checked : ) It was lovely at the time it was installed.

The wallpaper in the master bath is a wildflower and daisy type floral pattern in white, tan and a dusty pink (to match the dusty pink carpet on the floor and sunken tub. (Oops mentioned it again).

The wallpaper in the guest bath is a lovely zest green, navy blue, light blue, toothpaste green, tan and white. The pattern includes birds, bamboo and a winding floral pattern. The zest green matches the tub. What is this "zest" I speak of? Zest, the bath soap of course. Check out the green (original) bar. Yep I have a green tub, toilet and sink and coordinating wallpaper. 

Now I know all of these things are petty and cosmetic and easily remodeled, in time. Which is why I keep my sanity (or faint traces of it) and  an extremely grateful heart to have a wonderful home.  

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to be able to share more as time allows.

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