Saturday, November 3, 2012

Grateful: Weekend Day 3, 4,& 5

Grateful: Day 3

Today I am making Thanksgiving cards to give/send to those who we are grateful for. 
A few people in our daily lives are overlooked. These people bless us everyday without us even acknowledging their efforts and role in making our lives more enjoyable. 
A short list follows: your mail person, trash person, church secretary, sheriff, deputies, police chief, policemen/ women, Teachers, Janitors, a friend, a neighbor, Dry Cleaner, Librarian, Doctor, Nurse,DayCare teacher,  Dentist, Optometrist, Paper boy, Scout leader, Sunday School teacher, Cashier at the grocery store, the bagger at the grocery store, this list is really open to anyone who you come into contact with that you feel has blessed your day. 

We will be making cards and I am encouraging the kids to give away at least one card a day. Now they will be instructed to give the card thoughtfully and not just give it away or to simply hand it to their buddy to satisfy Mom. This needs to be an exercise in thoughtful appreciation of others efforts in your life and to show your gratitude for those efforts. 

Here are the cards I was making for our neighbor and Preacher gifts a few days ago. You can make these or something less fussy just keep the focus, you want something simple but thoughtful.

Simple card that looks like it took a awhile to make.  I designed is using elements in the Silhouette Cameo. 
A rectangle that I welded together with the turkey. The turkey and bottom fold have a small score to help them fold nicely.  I used four different colors to mix and match. A melon (the really pink looking one which is not pink at all in person), a burgundy, a deep hunter green, and a sandy tan color. Four passes through the cameo, a little weeding, glue and sign the inside and you are done! The smile on the recipients face is worth every second.  

Interested in these cards but don't want to make them yourself? They will be coming soon to my Etsy shop. Etsy Shop for CreativeCarbaholic

Want to make them yourself but don't have a Silhouette? I can send you the kit! Leave me a comment with your email and I will get right back to you.

Today's Charity: Make A Wish Foundation

Here is a list of wishes granted in 2011. Made me want to cry, such sweet little wishes.
Thank you for stopping by today!
Best wishes in all things, to you and yours.

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