Saturday, November 3, 2012

Grateful:Day 2

Grateful Day 2

America I am grateful for you and I am grateful for the opportunities we have.
America is a very blessed country. I love it. I wouldn't want my children or loved ones being anywhere but here. I am about to be brutally honest though, Americans are spoiled. Be honest with yourself we are spoiled. We have worked very hard to obtain our freedoms and our servicemen and women work everyday to assure that freedom. In many, many ways we are spoiled here in America. So many others have so very little in comparison. This happens to be a factor not only when comparing countries but also right here at home. We seldom take notice of all the many things, sometimes little things, sometimes big things, but these things are all things that we are so blessed with. We are so blessed that we assume others are as well. We also seldom realize that others would be blessed by our sharing with them. No now, I don't mean empty your purse in the hand of the nearest homeless person. I am saying there are those in our lives, communities etc...that are in need and sharing even a little of what you have, even just a kind word can make all the difference in the world to someone else.

Many people think of this time of year for charities. (I agree but please don't forget them the rest of the year.)
Everyday for the next week I am going to give you a list of common charities and of uncommon charity opportunities that you may not think of or know of. Please choose one this year if not two and make a simple donation of either your time or resources. 

Today's fun charity opportunity: Movember


This charity is so FUN!!!!!!! 
Movember is the month formerly known as November, where men and women across the globe join together to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues. Men grow and women support a Mo (moustache) for 30 days to become walking, talking billboards, for our men’s health causes - prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

Men who support Movember, called Mo Bros, start by registering at Mo Bros start Movember 1st clean shaven, then grow and groom their Mo, for the rest of the month, raising money along the way. Women who support Movember, called Mo Sistas, also start by registering at Mo Sistas champion the Mo by supporting their Mo Bros, organizing events, leading a team and spreading the important message of men’s health.

 You can even start entire team of Mo's and ask for people to support your team with all donations going toward the charity. Ladies there are opportunities for you as well read up on Mo Sistas. The site is hilariously full of mustache paraphernalia. It is an entire site for of styling tips, pictures and funny sayings. If you have a man you love in your life this site will both make an interesting read but help men's health.

Please Donate $5 today to my Movember Mo Sista Team.

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