Wednesday, November 14, 2012


An adorable edible centerpiece

Are you ready yet? Thanksgiving is next week. I am NOT! I am looking for more ideas for the kids. 
The few hours before Thanksgiving dinner is really hard on the kids.
 They are all so excited and they are really hungry.  As all Moms know this is a explosive combination. A real holiday ruiner in motion. Is ruiner a word? Hmmm I will google that later. 
For now I will focus on a few things to help the kids stay out of your hair, in a good mood and out of hungers  evil grasp. 

Blood sugar issues are enemy numero uno!

Keeping children's blood sugar level in balance is important to help them stay in control of their little bodies and emotions.  Plan ahead and have some snacks ready and available to them. Here is an easy list that requires not one bit of work after you put them in the cart. Simply open them and pour in a bowl. 

Cheese sticks, baby carrots, crackers, Cheerio's, Crispix party mix, raisins (or Craisins for a holiday twist) and popcorn. 

While looking for ideas I found this really cute idea for a POPCORN Turkey.
paper bag popcorn turkey closeup Isn't that the cleaverest thing. Oh did I make a funny? Well it is clever and you could use a cleaver but a simple knife will cut open the top and allow the popcorn to be devoured by hunger stricken lil monkeys. If you would like to see the tutorial please visit

Now then all better let's play

The enfamous kid's table can be fun! I prefer it most of the time because that is where all the giggling is done and who doesn't love making canned cranberry sauce come flying out of their cousins nose because you were all laughing so hard. It is where Holiday memories are made. 
My Mother found a really fun kids table tablecloth. It has coloring and games and searches galore! We will be trying that out before the meal is served for sure. I may even pack a couple of crayons into the place settings to encourage the frolic! 
Until we are ready to sit down to color and later eat I have projects for the 9 lil hooligans who will be crawling all over the place. We have kiddos in a range of age groups from "eye rolling", "loud sigh making" "I would rather be locked in the bathroom with my iphone" 12 year olds, to a"lets play dress up" "I LOST my Blankie" "I need you to hold me for no apparent reason other than I said so, so.... why are you not holding me yet" 4 year olds. Yep it is a REAL GOOD time. And now you see why we need to keep the animals corralled.  
Boys project: Explode CRAP. Uh huh you got it. I said it. They will be doing exploding science projects. What boy (of any age mind you) would turn down the opportunity to throw that mentos into a plastic coke bottle? If you guessed NONE you would be absolutely correct. I do not think I will have any complaints from the hubs and the Uncles to help be the parental guidance with this one. 

Girls Project: Make an apron BORING! I know but they can also get involved with the explosions. The girls can score them. WHAT? DOUBLE BORING!!! Yeah I know as a kid I would have wanted to explode crap too. Hmm perhaps Barbie could aid us in the adventure. Barbie was always my go to toy to get thrown, be used as a slingshot, be a great torpedo, she can even poke out an eye with her fancy ninja fingers. But the little girls in our family are girly girls not a tomboy like me. So I really do have plans for them. Actually we may make beaded keychains, colorful t shirts, decorate our own shoes or some other little ready made craft kit I can find. I want it to be super easy and not take a ton of pre planning as the boys project (not to mention cleaning the house, packing for the trip and well breathing) will take me a while.

What will your lil monkeys be in to..Oh I mean doing this Thanksgiving?

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