Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Devilish Delights

Devilish Delights

So are you enjoying the season thus far? ME TOOOO!!!! 
In fact we have had some beautiful fall days recently and I have nothing to complain about.

This devilish craft was my first Halloween project this year.

I love our children. They all have their own spirits and personalities. Good days and bad but what I love the most is that they take jokes and tricks as good as anyone. And by the way they can give it back just as good so watch out you tricksters......

With this in mind I took a traditional photo and put a fun spin on it.
I took a simple silhouette of my child and added horns.  Okay, they already had the horns but they are naked to the non-Maternal eye aka if you aren't their Mother you can't see them.

It was fun seeing all of their reactions to their own silhouettes. I added a rectangle and oval to the background of the silhouette for added appeal. 
I liked the texture of the green and I even liked the color but it screamed Christmas rather than Halloween soooo I changed it to a solid black. However I have plans for this with the green at Christmas time. Yep it's a teaser. You will have to come back to see what I do in a few months.

After I created the image in Photoshop/Illustrator I printed them out in a 8.5 x 11" size. Then I grabbed a few flat 11" x 14" canvas panels. I wasn't sure I wanted to be stuck with just one color so I opted not to paint the canvas. I am a multi-purpose person. I need things to in my home to be multi-purpose as well. This way I can use these canvas' any time of the year in any room no matter what. So I needed a way to add interest and color without being permanant.

My mind went to washi tape, scrapbook paper and to just leave it alone. However, I don't have any washi tape and lets face it I don't want to cut up or fold my scrapbook paper just to turn around and take it off and have to throw it out. Now you could leave the canvas it's white color but I really think it needs something to make the silhouette pop.  I had all but given up and went blah, vanilla, plain but then as I prepared for another project it hit me! FABRIC!!!!!
 In the fabric section I found a few fabric remnants as I didn't have anything devilish enough in my own fabric stash. ; )   I found these great pre-cut pieces for under a dollar. They are about 18" x 21".
Love them! So many options, so many opportunities.

After washing the fabric to remove any sizing and "sitting on the shelf, being held and fondled by others" funk, I streched the fabric over the face of the canvas similar to the way you would make a canvas panel.
Tuck the corners for a nice flat look. I tried a stapler. That is not going to work. Glue gun? Nope don't want to ruin the canvas or the fabric. So I was back to my trusty packaging tape, the clear variety.

Make a your fold as flat as possible without having to cut the fabric. This way you can reuse the fabric for another purpose of need be.

The fabric is attached to the canvas and the front is smooth and ready 

 Affix the print to the face of the canvas with four pieces of double sided tape (one in each corner) or you can use what I lovingly call "snot dots". They are actually called Glue dots, but if you have ever used them you know why I call them this.
You are now ready to hang your creation.

Need a photo made into a silhouette?

If you are interested in having a devilish silhouette made of your children or husband or granny or dog or whomever I am certainly happy to offer that service to you. Your image will be created and sent to you via email for printing as you like. The charge for this service is $6.00 per image or $20 for 4 images.
 Please email me, via the contact section, to order. 
Thank you for stopping in today. I will have more Halloween fun for you tomorrow.

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