Sunday, October 21, 2012

Poison Apple Plaque

Poison Apple Plaque Centerpiece

Remember this lovely young thang? 

Delightful isn't she?
Well she has always been one of my top two villians from Disney Cartoons.

In this scene the Evil queen is making a poisoned apple for Snow White.... so thoughtful isn't she?! 

Ok well she is not nice and the apple is really a not so nice thing but what a great prop for Halloween. Right? Yeah I thought so too!
So here is my version.....
These two items came from Dollar Tree. $2 plus vinyl and about 30 minutes to apply the vinyl.
I won't fib the oodles and boodles take forever to weed out. Don't know what oodles and boodles are? They are the little bits inside the letter o, a, & e. See the "holes" in those letters well when you cut vinyl there are little bits of vinyl that you have to weed out or pullout in these letters. When the letters are small it is really time consuming but the results look great.

The tray has the spell that the Evil Queen used to turn herself into the old hag. 
The apple is a foam apple that I added a wonderful skull filigree to for effect. *

I placed this in the center of the dining room table and asked our kids to try and figure out which movie this line came from. I figured the poison apple would give it away fast but SURPRISE!!!! It stumped them.
They focused on the words more than anything else. They had a few giggles until I asked them to look at the whole tray including what was on it and they FINALLY proved that they are my "Disney movie loving" spawn and guessed Snow White....

The downside of giving birth to smart children

Oh, did I mention they informed me it was a red apple not green? Uh huh, they did and yep I knew but I liked the way the green oozed over the top (see the pic above) of the apple, plus I like the green color and well there was the fact that the Dollar tree only had green.  
So simple it is scary..... but fun.

Thank you for stopping by and please share your thoughts with me. Thank you!

*Vinyl graphics made from Silhouette Cameo and I am happy to cut them for you.
The skeleton filigree $3 each and the spell (weeded out) $12, (without weeding) $9
please leave a comment to order.

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