Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Monster in the house!!!!

Monster in the house!!!

This project was very easy and fun. The idea is the monster is in the house and is stuck. Think Alice in Wonderland Growing too large to fit inside the Rabbits cottage. 

In our instance it was Frank N. Stien, he visits us in one way or another every year. This year our treats made him grow so much he can't get out.

Want a monster stuck in your house?

Here is how we did it.
Project list:
Front Door
Table Cloth- of the plastic throw away variety

2 paper plates
black construction paper
white construction paper
Tape- Note: in the picture you will see invisible tape, I changed half way and used shipping tape the clear stuff. It holds much firmer and the changing weather does not take it's toll as much.
 Oh darn it... I forgot you also need a stapler.

Open up your tablecloth and start taping at the top. I taped along the top edge of the door where the tape will not show. Now if your door fits very snugly you might want to wrap it around the back side so the tablecloth doesn't rip off every time the door is opened or closed. I lined up one edge of the tablecloth with the edge of the tablecloth so I only had to trim one side. I left the trimmed edge to the hinge side of the door.
Tape good but there is no need to cover the whole edge. Just focus on areas that might catch or pull loose and get in the way of the hinge or the door lock and handle. I didn't have to trim any off the bottom it is a little long but it is ok for my purposes. Don't forget to trim around your door knob. You will want to be able to get in and out : )

I placed the eyes first. Why here? Why at this angle? Cuz... that's right just cuz. Don't worry about it being symmetrical or just right. He is squished against the door it won't be perfect, hence the fun.

To make your eyes take your paper plate and flip it over to show the backside. Now take the black construction paper and cut out two large black circles. I had folded the black construction paper in half, top to bottom. Then I cut a big circle out. I used three sheets. The extra eyeball shapes are used to make the nose holes.
I then took my scissors along the edge and cut into the circle making a comma shaped cut out. This creates the little glint of light in his eyes.
Tape them along the ridge of the plate, that area where the food sits, just before it flares outward to the edge.
Now to make the eyelids take the left over plastic tablecloth and measure it out to cover the plate top to bottom and side to side. I didn't measure. Simply pull the plastic over the plate and then cut. You will need two pieces, one for each eye. Then take the plastic and accordion fold it (also known as fan or Z fold). Now no worries again it is not meant to be perfect. Take the stapler and staple the folded edge on each side. You will have one long folded piece of plastic with the edges stapled on either end. Wrap the middle section of the folded plastic over the top of the plate. Tape it on the back (really the front) to hold it in place. Then tape the ends to the back (really the front) of the plate. This forms the eyelid. I then just pulled and lightly tugged and scrunched the plastic until it looked like a wrinkled eyelid.
You can vary the look in his eyes by varying the placement of the glint in his eye and how the eyes are arranged. Try them a few different ways before you stick them up. The plastic can tear with the tape when being pulled off. To attach the eyes, I took the shipping tape and cut four pieces. Then I rolled each piece on itself placing one sticky side to the plate edge. Repeat three times along the edge of the plate. Then press the plate firmly to the covered door.  Frankie can see!
The nose and lips are made the same way the eye lids are. Use the plastic tablecloth and guesstimate how much plastic you will need to make the nose size and lip size you want. The nose is approximately the same size as the eyelids. Once you have folded and stapled the plastic use the tape to attach the nose to the door. As I mentioned before, I used black construction paper and cut two ovals for the nose holes. Then attach the nose like I did the plate. I used the tape and attached the stapled edges first and then the center top and bottom. Fluff the nose out a bit, then shape the nostrils by pressing a rounded shape. Then insert the nose holes made of black paper.
Oh this looks like it takes for ever by my writing but it is a very fast project. Under 30 minutes. REALLY!!

The teeth are next. I used white construction paper and cut out 6 monster teeth. Again let your imagination fly. Mine are rounded off squares and some really chipped edges. I actually only used 5 teeth. The odd looked better. Play with it and decide what you like best. This is what pleased my girls the best. I again use the shipping tape to attach the teeth from the back.
Once the teeth are in place you can make/attach the lips.  Again I took the plastic and eyeballed how much I would need to cover the teeth. Accordion fold and staple the plastic. I attached the top lip first. Starting with the left side stapled edge. Using the rolled tape, place the corner of the lip. Then spread out the plastic over a portion of the teeth. Attach the right side corner of the mouth wherever it looks good. Then tape the top center and bottom center of the lip in place.  For the bottom lip I taped the left side stapled edge just under the top lip at the corner of the mouth. Then I taped the top portion about a quarter of the way along the edge and then again about three quarters of the way on the bottom lip and the right corner to give it shape. Then I fluffed out the plastic a little but smooshed it back down. This way he didn't have bee stung lips.Then I taped the bottom center in place just like I did the top edge.
I called my girls over to look and told them he wanted a big smooch. They giggled but puckered up anyway.

The hair sort of evolved. I used the scarps from the eye balls. What you are seeing is three pieces or remnants of construction paper used for his hair.  I placed the remnants together and taped them together on the back and attached with the rolled shipping tape. I attached this last after I had the rest of the face attached. You could also make bolts, furry eye brows, eyelashes, a scar, a big mole, whatever you like to give him more personality.
Sorry for the glare on the glass but you can sort of see how he looks smooshed. You could take this to the next level by making feet and hands and placing them in random places on top and sides of your house or windows, to complete the Alice in the Cottage effect.If you do send my pictures I want to see!!!
 Have fun and enjoy this frightfully fun season!

Thank you for stopping by and I can't wait to share the next project with you!

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