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Halloween Books

Halloween MUST Read Books

In our house we have a couple of absolute Halloween favorite books to read. 
I also have a few that I thought were pretty good and they aren't all for little crazy wild monkeys. There are a few for you too!!!  NOTE: Some of these books are just imaginative fun not necessarily Halloween. I see Halloween as a time of creative imaginative fun, not necessarily the gruesome holiday it is seen as. So some of these can be read anytime like over Thanksgiving break : ) 

Kids Books ( the innocent ages 1 to 80):

Five Little Pumpkins by Brenda Dyer 
  This a poem actually made into a very  very short  little book but don't let that fool you into thinking it won't make your little ones bored. All of my kids love this one. Ok the oldest two are 11 and 12 and boys so they don't love it more than once a holiday anymore but my girls will read it everyday several times a day. 

Last week the youngest came home with this silly little glove. I thought what in the world did they make at school today! She grinned so big and said, "MOMMY!!!! (running toward me from the school with glove on hand) It's the 5 punkins!" This adorable glove was made at school with one of the best teachers in the world. I didn't ask if I could use her name here so I will call her Mrs. Clock because it rhymes with her real name : ).
Mrs. Clock took a black knit glove and hot glued orange pom poms the very tip of the fingers and top that off with a small piece of bright green pipe cleaner stem on top of the pom pom pumpkins. They can use the glove to practice counting and to act out the story.  That simple, cute, fun glove has increased the reading of the Five Little Pumpkins in our house about 50%. CUTE!!!!!! Thank you Mrs. Clock, the best 1st grade teacher in Texas!

Vunce Upon a Time by Vivian Siobhan 
  This sweet little book seems scary because it hs a vampire but this little guy is a vegetarian! HE loves veggies Mom! Love that part but then he also LOVES candy too.... so  I guess  I am picking my battles and am of the mind that if the dessert gets them to eat the veggies DO IT!!! But back to the book. Dagmar is the main character and is adorable. This is one of my favorite Halloween books. It is a very fast read and most children will be able to connect with Dagmar's troubles.  Not at all scary.

We are waiting for these two books to arrive. They look absolutely adorable!
Pumpkin Town! Or Nothing is Better or Worse than Pumpkins. By Katie McKy

Fancy Nancy....Halloween or Bust! by Jane O'Connor  

For the older crew (ages 9 to 16):

The Fairy Tale Detectives (The Sisters Grimm, Book 1) by Michael Buckley  
A story of two little girls ages 9 and 6 who have lost thier parents in a mystery way are led to find thier family has a long kept secret. This book is mildly scary and could be upsetting for young ones so I would advise not for those under 9. Now if you love the TV show Once upon a time, you are going to love these books. I read this one aloud with our oldest son and now our youngest son is reading it in class. Really imaginative story and keeps the kids guessing.  There are several in this series of books and we have not read them yet but plan on it.

The Bad Begininng, Or Orphans (A series of unfortunate events, Book 1 by Lemony Snicket and Brett Helquist   This book was read aloud to my 3rd grader in class and I understood it was great. That of course came from my 3rd grade son at the time. He could not wait for the movie because the book was that great! I have not read the book but I have seen the movie. The movie had a few scenes that left me uneasy so this is probably best for the older crew again. 

Octavious Grimwood's Graveyard Guide by Rod Green    This book was purchased at a school book fair by our youngest son. He is 11. The coffin shape is very cute and the graphics are scary but not too over the top. The book is a collection of very short stories from around the world as well as brief descriptions of things such as werewolves and skeletons. As if a kid needs those described they do live under thier beds all year long....Our son decided without us knowing to buy this book. He just had to have it and had his own money that he earned so he bought it. I am not saying it is not appropriate or that it is a bad book. It is simply not one I would have bought as a woman for my child. He however loves it and had my hubby reading a short story about a ghost of a man who died climbing Mount Everest, just last night. He asked his Daddy if that story was real or not and so my hubby read it. As he read all I had to say to that was, "Of course it is real! People who are crazy enough to climb a snow covered mountain without fitting air are bound to die!" LOL Well they smirked at me and read on. Needless to say Mt.  Everest is not making my bucket list. : )

For the big 'uns (age 15  and up):

If you haven't noticed I have not listed the two series of books that I bet everyone is expecting here. Twilight and Harry Potter. Well I haven't read them. I have seen the first two Twilights and when it is available on Netflix or something might watch the third just to see what the hub bub is all about but the magic was lost on me. Sparkly vampires....hmmm not likely. Found the scene of a bunch of adolescent boys half dressed a little disturbing too. And as for Mr. Potter, I have watched the first 30 minutes of the first movie and can I say SNORE! So with that being known I did not read any of those books either. Just not my style I suppose.
Now on to the good books. : )

Unenchanted by Chanda Hahn This is the 1st in another series of books. The books seem to be titled in one word. Descriptive and yet not.  This story also will be loved by those who like the TV show Once Upon a Time.   A young girl in high school comes to find out why her fathers side of the family has mysteriously passed and why she has been forced to move constantly. Teens and tweens will connect and enjoy this one. I really likes this one too.
Grimm's Fairy Tales by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm  The darker side of fairy tales. With the intent to preserve Germanic Folklore the Bro's Grimm collected the peasants stories. May not be suitable for the younger kids as Cinderella has no fairy godmother  and sometimes happy endings just don't happen.  The older kids will like the twist on the stories they know and just might learn a little something about human nature. One of my favorites.

Broken Shell Island, The Witches of West Shore by Dyla Moon  An interesting book that I read. A teen or tween would enjoy this book as well. The main character, a young lady, finds herself pushed overboard in the middle of the ocean in the middle of the night with only her suitcase to save her.  She awakes to find she is on an island she only knows from a old set of books her grandfather gave her. Her magical journey includes fairies, murderous witches, gnomes and a boat load of imagination. Very creative book which I just found out is the first of a series that I must know go search out and read myself. : )

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