Monday, October 8, 2012

I've been framed!

Framed, I tell ya. I've been framed!

At a recent yard sale I scored big with this gorgeous frame. It is old and HEAVY!
It holds a piece of art measuring 16" x 20". I said, big!

I have a love of corrugated tin. So when I saw this frame I knew what I wanted to do with it.

The hubby trimmed the tin and used tiny finishing nails to nail it in place from the backside. 10 minutes and it was ready to go.
I placed it in our families game room/ dining room. The tin allows me to change out the front for each season, holiday, or heck whatever my mood might be. Place a piece of scotch tape rolled on its self behind your decoration or use magnets. Either way you have a year round easy way to decorate.

This skull looks great on it in the dark but I couldn't get a picture to turn out. But I would dare say you can imagine how this skull sort of levitates and glows in the dark in this frame. Very spooky fun!
Thanks for stopping by! More Halloween fun to come. 

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