Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spooky Pillow fun

Spooky Pillow Fun

If you want just a little spooky fun that you can change out and store with ease, try a pillow case.
I decided to make pillow cases for our living room couch pillows.

I have four pillows. This works out well because I have four children.  One would think oh so this allows one per child and everyone is happy. Well let me know when you wake up from la la land....oh you are awake?
All Mommy's know this rule is a happy thought but nearly never reality, just because there is enough for everyone to have one it does not mean that everyone will only have one nor will they all be happy about it. So I will eventually add more but for now only 4 pillows is allowing my 4 children to learn to share and think of others. They are praised when they offer a pillow without being prompted and they are beaten severely with a wet noodle when they are stingy.
Now I ask you who doesn't love Casper the friendly ghost?  Love him.

Fabric remnants $1 each. Really easy to make. Right sides together Sew all the way around and shove that pillow in. 

Finished pillows.

For fun detail I tried a wonky blanket stitch to attach the word BOO. I might go and and continue the stitch throughout to create a web-like appearance. 

With the inexpensive fabric remnants and available choices it makes these pillows affordable, easy to make and fun.  Add a kit kat bar and that screams Happy Halloween to me.
I have a couple of different designs that I liked. If these survive and I add more pillows next year the kids can design their own, but for now MUTHA KNOWS BEST! hee hee

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