Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Count Down

Our kiddos are counting down until CANDY KICKOFF 2012!!!!
Part of that kick off is counting down the days. I have chosen to do a fast simple and extremely inexpensive countdown plaque. 

The supplies simple.
A Dollar Store Tray or plate $1.00 can't beat that!
Black GLOSSY Vinyl  or Chalkboard Vinyl
Dry Erase Marker $1.00 at Dollar Store or a Chalk pen from Elmer's

Vinyl Cutting machine- I used a Silhouette Cameo (LOVE IT). If you don't have a vinyl cutting machine I am happy to cut vinyl for you.** 

I washed and dried my tray and let it air dry for a day to be sure the plastic was completely dry. While that was drying I cut out the designs on my vinyl. I laid out the pieces on the try to ensure a good fit and to arrange and rearrange a few times until I was happy with the look. I then applied the vinyl and cracked open my dry erase marker in a shade of green almost too dark to read. TIP: Do NOT buy a dark shade and honestly you can use any dry erase or Chalk pen that is not permanent on this glossy vinyl without problem so it might be a good idea to use one you can actually see.... : )

Ahhh we live and we learn right? But the kids love it and we are counting down the days.

**for this project the charge would be $5.00 for glossy vinyl/ $6.00 for chalkboard vinyl these prices do not include shipping.  FREE shipping if you order before October 23rd.

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